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Mindi's DIY Yarn and Fabric Flower Wreath

Mindi McBride - Thursday, December 02, 2010

The next project in our DIY wreath-a-thon is Mindi's yarn wrapped version, adorned with black and white striped fabric flowers.

You Will Need:
A foam wreath - ours is from Spotlight
Yarn in your colour choice - keep it Christmassy with Red or Green or experiment if you like!
About 1/2 metre of fabric - patterned, plain, striped, spotted - again - the choice is yours!
About 1/2 metre of ribbon to hang the wreath
Five dress pins

Start by tying the yarn with a slip knot around the wreath - knot on the back. Then begin to wind the yarn, wrapping it tightly and close together around the wreath.   

Do two layers of wrapping to ensure you cover all the gaps and have a nice 'cushy' looking form.

For the flowers cut five strips of fabric 50cm long and 8cm wide. Take one strip and fold the short edges in 0.5cm and iron. Fold in half lengthwise and iron.

With the fold at the top and the opening at the bottom take the right edge of the strip and hold it between your thumb and forefinger. Now pleat a small section under this, about 1cm and stitch in place.

Continue pleating either one section at a time or grabbing a few pleats at a time to vary the look of the petals and make them slightly irregular. For these pleats you should be always sewing through the back of the flower so as to disguise your stitches. Be careful also to secure the folded fabric. When you get to the end of the strip sew and knot securely. Repeat for the remaining four strips.

Now take your dress pins and secure the five flowers into your wreath in a row.

Take your ribbon and slip knot around the top of the wreath, then take the ends of the ribbon and tie in a bow for hanging. Fini!

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